Cosmic Gate - Mirador


April 7th, 2023

Cosmic Gate have been on a vocal release hot-streak over the last 12 months, with ‘Hear Me Out’, ‘We Got The Fire’, ‘Follow You Anywhere’, ‘Emotions Of Colour’, et al, all shaping the sound of ‘MOSAIIK’. Those feels and fires only grow higher this week, as Nic & Bossi delve back into ‘Chapter Two’s tracklist, to bring us the tempestuous instrumentalism of ‘Mirador’.

As with ‘Retrospection’, its ‘Chapter 2’ forerunner, ‘Mirador’ is another CG masterclass in leveraging lighter and darker instrumental elements to deliver the sonically exceptional. The visionary ‘Mirador’ (‘a high tower, providing a horizon view’ – fact-fans!) is all about the club … and all about its floors. Tempos are heightened, bass frequencies deepened, and its melodies are judiciously played off against darker, stormier tones, as Nic & Bossi crank the track’s ether just as high as it’ll go!

In step with ‘Mirador’s debut, Nic & Bossi have supplied details of the second phase of ‘MOSAIIK – C2’s album tour. They’ve added 18 new stops, and widened its territorial scope, to include shows in Europe and South America. The second week of April sees the duo touch down in Mexico City and Guadalajara, before they head to Australia for their biggest OZ tour ever (6 cities & 7 shows). While May brings CG gigs in their native Germany and the UK. As festival season hots up, Nic & Bossi will also showcase ‘MOSAIIK’ sonics at mass events including Tomorrowland, Parookaville, ASOT London, Beats for Love and many others. Alongside all that, there are new NA dates too, and tickets for all the tour’s events are available now through here.

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