Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson - Just the Beginning


February 17th, 2023

There are a couple of voices destined to become synonymous with Cosmic Gate’s ‘MOSAIIK’-advanced 2.0 sound. Diana Miro will doubtless be one, and there’s every likelihood that Nathan Nicholson’s another. Having already shone on ‘Follow You Anywhere’ - a song that got under love’s skin, to explore the fine line between devotion and obsession, he’s ready to dive emotionally deep again on ‘Just The Beginning’. 

Lyrically, ‘Just The Beginning’ touches on the nature of introspection, honestly and amnesty inside of a relationship, while CG’s studio-work shadows it with a coolly pensive, yet grippingly proggy fashion. The track
got it’s very first airing during Cosmic Gate’s sonically and visually magnetising Feb 15 performance from Ibiza (Watch here).
Backdropped by the alluring Es Vedrà isle, Nic & Bossi performed another two-hour set, certain to join the ranks of their multi-million-viewed NYC rooftop, Puerto Vallarta beachfront and Miami balcony raves.

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Over the course of the set, they also premiered new material including the Gid Sedgwick–sung ‘Emotions Of Colour’, alongside music from the likes of Grum, Tinlicker, Local Dialect, Sven Vath, Yotto and others.

While it might be just the beginning for CG & Nathan’s ‘Just The Beginning’ this week, the ‘MOSAIIK’ odyssey concludes with ‘Chapter Two’ on Mar 3. The album’s available to pre-save/order on digital, streaming, CD and limited-edition double vinyl (naturally including both Chapters) versions here now [

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