XiJaro & Pitch with Adara - Invisible

Black Hole

April 12th, 2023

As evidenced by their weekly radio show, their most recent single, and their upcoming mixcomp, XiJaro & Pitch are all about Chasing Dreams. Only last month, that approach took the Dutch/Belgium teaming of Anthony Reyers and Xander van Dommelen all the way to their first A State Of Trance appearance.

Halfway through that set, and to instant Jaarbeurs effect, the pair dropped an ID bomb … and there are no prizes for guessing that that track … is this track! Moving from instrumental turf to vocal, Xander & Anthony have brought Adara in to lend a killer vocal touch to their ASOT-igniting ‘Invisible’.

Bearing in mind its proving ground, needless to say ‘Invisible’ wants for little in the euphorics department! Fired up on 303 drive and energised by its circa-138 core, XiJaro & Pitch shower a godly synthstorm over its production. Adara’s renown has grown immeasurably of late, with the US-songstress co-writing with Shogun, Estiva, Somna, Feel and most notably perhaps MitiS, on their Spotify smash ‘Moments’. Arguably her best turn yet, Adara’s captivating ‘Invisible’ lyrics creep, then sweep through the mind, where they linger for days.

Listen here