Sam Allan & Sarah de Warren - Sunrise

Black Hole

September 29th, 2023

In the realm of the New York club scene, his name is impossible to overlook: Sam Allan. A prime illustration of a DJ reveling in the joy of entertaining packed clubs and engaging with his fans. With Sam Allan’s announcement at the outset of 2023 that this year would be dedicated to delivering great music and mesmerizing dance moves to the dance floor, he set out on a determined path to fulfill this commitment.

Following the immense success of “Secrets of Your Heart” and “Afraid of Heaven,” creating another exceptional composition appeared challenging. However, joining Black Hole Recordings proved to be a pivotal move for Sam, opening significant doors—it was a mutually beneficial relationship. Achieving prominence as both a successful DJ and producer is rarely as pronounced as in Sam’s case. Esteemed figures in the industry such as Danny Avila, Dillon Francis, Judge Jules, Armin van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Andi Durant, Cedric Gervais, Max Vangeli, and Marco Carola admire his accomplishments.

In his latest release, “Sunrise”, Sam chose to slightly lower the BPM, offering a soothing vibe for the upcoming autumn days. It comes as no surprise that yet another vocal track has been carefully crafted, featuring the talents of the delightful Sarah de Warren once again. While Sam holds an affinity for radio-friendly club productions, he openly confesses his love for a deeper musical style and subtly hints at the anticipation of more releases in a similar vein later this year. We will leave it up to you to categorize this track as dance/electro-pop or something else. The only thing for certain is that listening to this masterpiece will awaken your most sensual emotions. Enjoy “Sunrise” in the company of someone you love, available now on all major streaming platforms.

listen here.


01. Sam Allan & Sarah de Warren - Sunrise (Original Mix)
02. Sam Allan & Sarah de Warren - Sunrise (Extended Mix)