Roger Shah - Magic Island Vol.12

Black Hole

October 20th, 2023

Roger Shah views the Magic Island through a different seasonal lens!

‘A change is as good as a rest’ as they say, and that’s exactly what Roger Shah’s done with the twelfth incarnation of his as-magical-as-ever mixcomp series. For the last decade-plus, his ‘Magic Islands’ have been summer vanguards, heralding those temperate temperatures. This year however, Shah’s timed his ‘Music For Balearic People’ to coincide, not with the opening parties … but the closing ones.

On Oct 20, ‘Magic Island – Music For Balearic People Vol. 12’ brilliantly caps off one season, while raising the curtain on another …

In his pursuit of 100% exclusive material for ‘MI:12’, Roger’s re-banded with his Balearically-oriented troupe of singers, songwriters and musicians. Amongst them you’ll find Pierre Pienaar, Zara Taylor, Corrie Theron, Sergey Shabnov, Clarks, Rafael Osmo, Bob Memphis and Roger’s son Noah Shah again contributing. Together, they’ve built a near 40-track-strong, 240minute-long run of atmospherically captivating music. Naturally, both mix-wise and musically, Roger’s outdone himself again, with productions under his own name and some of his best known aliases.

‘Magic Island 12’s moodier aesthetic might just be your first clue as to its seasonal script-flip. As many know the Balearics are no longer the four-months-of-the-year operation from a generation ago. Retreats, wellness camps, supper-clubs and wine festivals are backdropped by the islands’ orange and lemon trees. With its more laidback pulse, Disc 1 effortlessly taps into alt-season-Balearica with new material from ‘M.I.’ regulars like David Broaders, Clarks and Ditoma. After mix 1’s meridian, its flow starts to feature more of Roger’s own material, as ‘Into The Light’, ‘Mahalo’ and Kalahari’ herald the respective returns of his Sunlounger, Global Experience and High Noon At Salinas.

In a message to Magic Islanders, Roger said: “I want to welcome everyone to Volume 12. It’s been a great year so far, and while I have been busy with my Tribute To Earth project, our Magic Island artists have been super productive. So here we have another mix-album showcasing all the amazing talent we have on the label. Mix 1 is super cool and deep, a wide range from Balearic, progressive and melodic techno while mix 2 is so emotional and beautiful - yet banging uplifting in its own way. I had so much fun working on these and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”

Naturally enough though, Roger uses disc 2 to embody that final exuberant closing party high. After the first mix’s cooler collabs with Dominik Novak and Omar Vinyl, he ups the tonal wattage, working with Ambedo on ‘Sun And Moon’ & ‘Birds Of Prey’, while partnering Yelow on ‘Campos Eliseos’. At the midpoint George Jema talks Eternity’, while regular Shah muse Zara Taylor teams with Andy Cain on ‘Carry On’. Cain goes on to power the mix towards its event horizon … with ‘Event Horizon’, while Cloudriver, Pierre Pienaar and Ronski Speed apex it with their latest, ‘Stoneflower’, ‘Kiri’ and ‘Never Fall In Love Again’.

‘Magic Island – Music for Balearic People Vol. 12’ is your perfect sonic slide into autumn! Find it where all good music is sold or streamed here.

Roger Shah - Magic Island Vol. 12 Tracklist:

Disc 1.

  1. David Broaders – Lightwave
  2. Ditoma - Let’s Go
  3. Sunlounger - Into The Light
  4. Roger Shah & Dominik Novak pres. - Techno Cat
  5. Global Experience - Mahalo
  6. Dominik Novak pres. - Amari
  7. High Noon At Salinas - Kalahari
  8. Roger Shah & Omar Vinyl - Freedom (Archers Remix)
  9. Davee (ES) & Sun3 - Kill For You
  10. Cory Goldsmith & Adam Stark - Portus
  11. Clarks - Rivièra
  12. Rafael Osmo x Miki Haim pres. MRI (Ofc) - Technologies
  13. Global Experience - In A Nutshell
  14. Sunflare - Praia Formosa
  15. Noah Shah - Pandora
  16. Horizon One - Fall
  17. DJ T.H. & Cyre - Cala Tarida
  18. Bob Memphis – Benidorm
  19. Noah Shah & Ditoma – Inferno
  20. Binary Ensemble & Soul Lifters - Tones Of Time

Disc 2.

  1. Roger Shah & Ambedo - Sun And Moon (Instrumental Mix)
  2. Roger Shah & Yelow - Campos Eliseos
  3. Aytaro - Into The Sun
  4. Corrie Theron - Surreal
  5. Roger Shah & Ambedo - Birds Of Prey (Instrumental Mix)
  6. Yelow & Binary Ensemble - Jomtien Beach
  7. Aytaro - Glacier Flight
  8. Andy Elliass & ARCZI - Life Is An Odyssey
  9. George Jema - Eternity
  10. Andy Cain & Zara Taylor - Carry On
  11. Sergey Shabanov - Loafer
  12. Thomas Knight - Count On Me
  13. Andy Cain & Gregory James - Event Horizon
  14. Fredd Moz & Divaiz - Ocean
  15. Spy & Amin Salmee - Midnight Sun
  16. Cloudriver - Stoneflower
  17. Pierre Pienaar pres. Melodia - Kiri
  18. Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade with Lyd14 - Never Fall In Love Again