RNX - Oscillate


February 24th, 2023

A creative outlet must be one of the healthiest aspects of our existence, so, it would stand to reason that a creative outlet of a creative outlet could only amplify that. That, in essence, is what Robert Nickson’s done with RNX - an alter-ego/altered state that he’s been dipping in and out for a decade or more.

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Blood runs deeper-than-deep between Robert/RNX and Solarstone’s Pure Trance Recordings. Since the latter’s formation, Robert’s aired no fewer than 17 productions through the label. Among them have been RNX mega-sellers ‘Colorado’ and ‘Atoms’ and his RNX revision of Solarstone’s ‘Rain Stars Eternal’. Memorably, Robert co-mixed ‘Pure Trance Vol.6’ and between his two monikers, he’s long been the label’s bestselling artist.

As such, it was only a matter of time before the moniker delivered a larger body of work. Before the release of his debut Robert Nickson album, ‘Tellurian’, back in 2019, he had already begun laying the groundwork for an RNX track collection. Following many a subsequent production year, ones in which he refined both tracks and the stylistic remit of RNX, he’s now ready to drop ‘Oscillate’. 

A fifteen-strong track assembly, it features collaborations with the musically akin luminaries, such as Forerunners, Mir Omar, Matter and Andromedha. They feature alongside a host of Robert’s solo creations, all of which will collectively and coolly soundtrack you from winter to spring.

Reflecting on the alias’s origins, Robert commented, “I started my RNX project back in 2012 as an outlet to create what I would call ‘slow trance’. Over the years I always wanted to do an album in this style but for too many reasons to list, that never materialised. That changes now.”

Of the album itself, Nickson says that it, “showcases what I hope is as much enjoyable for you to listen to as it was for me to create. Not only did I get to unleash a bout of creativity that I’ve had stored for the 4 years it took me to build the album; I also got to work with several of my own personal favourite artists in this realm of music.

There’s so much creativity in this style and I feel like I’ve only barely touched the surface. This is only the beginning.“

Across ‘Oscillate’s runtime, you with find no ‘playing with themes’, ‘cross-pollination’, or ‘genre diversification’. Throughout, it stays its lens on music where melody, feel, atmosphere and flow are everything. Cool, intuitive, and distinctive, while the range of elements Robert uses to create the album oscillates organically, its overarching feel couldn’t be dialled into one sound.

Tracklist: RNX ‘Oscillate’
01. Collective
02. Lovely
03. Atlas (with Forerunners)
04. Norge
05. Metric
06. Underwater (with Matter)
07. Oscillate
08. Molecules
09. Northeast (with Mir Omar)
10. Remote
11. Nightshift
12. Afterstorm (with Andromedha)
13. Magnetar
14. Ohm
15. The Closing