Late Night Alumni - Beautiful

Black Hole

July 28th, 2023

With the upcoming release of their seventh artist album this autumn, 2023’s going to provide a fittingly creative twentieth anniversary for the Late Night Alumni. The ‘Echos’ LP will see the quartet temporarily depart planet house and access the acoustic side of their artistry.

With its first precursor single, the title-says-it-all ‘Beautiful’, that all begins this July. On the 14th, the Alumni’s all-new acoustic interpretation will reach stores and streams before Myon X Hoten’s clubbier perspective hits dancefloors on July 28.

Originally appearing on ‘Empty Streets’ - the band’s 2005 album debut, ‘Beautiful’ provides the most natural of start points, for ‘Echos’ singles. Initially piano-threaded, halfway in it reaches an emotional tipping point, as LNA’s strings swell through its production. Getting fully under ‘Beautiful’s skin, its acoustic nature brings ever greater clarity to its lyrics.

Remix-wise, there’s never been a more trusted pair of hands for Late Night Alumni material than Myon’s. He’s already reworked a half-dozen of their tracks and co-written & produced ‘Under Your Cloud’ & ‘Hearts & Silence’. Here, the Hungarian teams up with Sao Paulo-born/Sydney-based producer Hoten to give ‘Beautiful’ a housily natured rework that’ll prove irresistible to both late night and early morning dancefloors.

LNA’s acoustic treatment of ‘Beautiful’ arrives on July 14: Listen here.

With Myon & Hoten’s remix available on July 28: Listen here.

Light Night Alumni’s ‘Echos’ album will be released in October of 2023: Pre-save here.


Late Night Alumni – Beautiful (Original Acoustic Mix)
Late Night Alumni – Beautiful (Myon X Hoten Remix)
Late Night Alumni – Beautiful (Myon X Hoten Extended Remix)