Factor B & Theia - Everywhere To Me


May 24th, 2024

A handful of years back Factor B’s music was here, there and everywhere … until suddenly it wasn’t. It’s a history Brendan Blatt’s fans know all too well, but less perhaps in the wider electronic music space. It involved the quite unimaginable - losing both his fiancé and mother to cancer in 2022. An exceptionally tough event to begin recovering from, even if you’re not in the public eye. Brendan however didn’t even have that refuge.

At the time Factor B was flying, having succeeded in breaking out of his native Australia to DJing globally. In 2021, he’d launched Theatre Of The Mind, promptly squaring away his first half-dozen singles and a debut artist album for his new label. He resumed DJing in mid-2023, trying to put more of the previous year behind him. Concerted music production however took longer, but now, in May 2024 he’s ready to release his first Theatre Of The Mind outing in two years. The result is the upliftingly moving and powerfully affecting ‘Everywhere To Me’.

Music’s not been able to heal every hurt … but it’s also done a lot of the heavy lifting. So, it’ll surprise few to learn that Brendan’s most heartfelt thoughts are etched into the track. ‘Everywhere To Me’s lyrics meditate on how you can lose those closest to you, yet still somehow have them for all time.

Those feelings are conveyed by singer-songwriter Theia, whose wistfully, dreamlike delivery perfectly captures its mood. While its song revolves around loss, Factor B’s production elevates first-through-last, its synths defying gravity at every turn, while its chord structures and key changes endlessly stir the soul.

A ’looking-forward’ track, that’s as real as music gets, ‘Everywhere To Me’ is out today: https://totmm.complete.me/everywhere