Craig Connelly & James Cottle featuring Liel Kolet - Be As One


June 21st, 2024

Manchester, UK – June 21, 2024. "Be As One," the latest vocal trance masterpiece by renowned DJ/producers Craig Connelly and James Cottle, featuring the enchanting vocals of Liel Kolet and heartfelt lyrics by Suzanna Dee to be released on Black Hole Recordings. "Be As One" is set to be a summer anthem, with its powerful message and soaring melodies.

The idea behind the lyrics of "Be As One" is to inspire listeners to find their own path, embrace their purpose, and unite as one. The song encourages listeners to set aside judgments, hate, and fears to celebrate the present moment and life’s colorful elements.

"Writing the lyrics for 'Be As One' was an emotional journey. It's about coming together, overcoming challenges, and finding unity. Every song needs lyrics that have meaning to connect with how you are feeling. 'Be As One' has a powerful message, and I believe it will touch many hearts. The tech side allowed James and Craig to really do their magic, and Liel has beautifully finished this track to a tee. I'm thrilled to see how well it's been received and can't wait for its official release." - Suzanna Dee, the talented lyricist behind the song.

“Everyone is struggling with their own battles, and we can find peace in knowing we are all going through something and you’re not alone. I feel the track is about acceptance and peace of mind. It’s also about optimism and perspective. Also, a sense of gratitude to be in the moment with friends and family.”  – Craig Connelly, producer.

"Be As One" has been captivating trance enthusiasts around the globe for months, playing as a standout ID track at major festivals and mainstages. It has garnered widespread acclaim and sparked significant excitement among fans.

Through trance music, we aim to unite clubbers, making them feel connected and never alone. To get lost in uplifting spine-tingling melodies, meaningful lyrics, and powerful vocals. Together, we can all be as one, sharing this beautiful experience. Music has the power to guide us home, to a place where we find peace within ourselves and ‘BE AS ONE’ delivers just that!”– James Cottle, producer.

The original top-line was written to a James Cottle demo which sparked Craig Connelly to write a new melody and chords for it which became the basics of what you hear in the final record today. Liel was a natural fit and brought another dimension to the dynamic of the vocal with her outstanding performance. Craig and James spent many afternoon sessions in the studio assembling the record as meticulously as possible.

The second I heard ‘Be As One’ I got goosebumps and knew this is something I want to be part of. I felt so inspired by the powerful message of this song and how uplifting it is. I’m so happy I could work with Craig, James and Suzanna, and was able to bring my personal touch to this record.” - Liel Kolet, the voice behind the track

The overwhelming response from trancefamily around the world has been incredible. "Be as One" promises to be a standout addition to the trance music scene, blending uplifting beats with heartfelt lyrics. As it hits streaming platforms on June 21, 2024, fans are encouraged to immerse themselves in this musical journey and experience the magic that Craig Connelly, James Cottle, Liel Kolet, and Suzanna Dee have created.

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