Cosmic Gate release Wake Your Mind sessions 002 on March 25th!

One of the hardest working duos in dance music, famed trance duo Cosmic Gate are set to release their second installment to their mix-compilation series, Wake Your Mind Sessions 002, a 2CD/digital mix compilation available March 25th from WYM Records/Black Hole Recordings. Featuring established...

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Kwettr re-opens Magic Island Pop Up Store

Today, Monday 7th of March, Kwettr has reopened the Magic Island Records digital pop up store with brand new goodies.

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Another day at the office: Smartphone crazy

A few days ago I was the victim of a small hangover and was just laying in bed, checking Facebook on my phone. I stumbled across the Unicef Tap Project; for every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone their donors and sponsors can make sure a kid in need has clean drinking water for a whole...

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