Jaron Inc.

JARON INC. (Jaron Martinez) started his music career at the age of 17 and began to produce trance music on his computer and a couple of synthesizers back in 1995. In 1998, he got together with his former partner Robert Gitelman. Jaron was responsible for productions like “Dreaming about Paprika” which got signed in 2001 by Drizzly Records. He produced under the following aliases: JARON INC., 2Players, G&M Project, Bamba Boys, Robert Gitelman and DJ Robert & the Martinez bros. (together with his brother Mark). The first major breakthrough happened with G&M Project – Feeling the sunrise. The track was signed by ID&T and received support from many DJs around the world. After that he produced the Single 2Players-Signet which got signed by the German record label Afterglow.

At the end of 2002 Jaron decided to move back to Germany and started producing using software only. In the years 2003-2006 he produced many releases like JARON INC. – Overflow (Be Yourself Music), JARON INC. – Nothing to lose, G&M Project-Sunday afternoon, Robert Gitelman-Things 2 say, Robert Gitelman-Children of the sun. While being busy producing for the named aliases he also remixed artists like Alex M.O.R.P.H - creatures, Blank & Jones – watching the waves, Cosmic Gate – Human Beings Benjamin Bates - Whole, Delerium-After all, to name a few.

In 2006, Jaron decided to take a break from the music world which ended all projects-aliases. He started to study electronics and finished his master of sciences in 2014

In 2017, Jaron rebooted his career into the music world and began producing again. His latest tracks got released on pure trance (Solarstone): JARON INC. – When freedom wins (2019) and JARON INC. - Serenity (2020). Both tracks got supported by the ASOT Radio show. The Remake of G&M Project – Sunday Afternoon got signed by Regenerate Records. In 2020 his classic „DJ Robert & The Martinez Bros. - Dreaming About Paprica“ was re-released on DRIZLY ECLIPSE with new mixes by AIRWAVE and VAN CZAR. In January 2022 JARON INC just released on DRIZZLY ECLIPSE a massive remix of a true classic „FLUTLICHT – ICARUS (THE FLIGHT) and his new production K.A.O.