Dirkie Coetzee

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Break Through
Space Odyssey EP
Won't Stop Searching
Only the Beginning
You'll Find Me There

Dirkie Coetzee

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Dirkie Coetzee started his career in the EDM scene as a bedroom DJ way back at the tender age of 16. After spending numerous years perfecting his mixing skills he quickly started to feature in night clubs, events and radio stations around Southern Africa. It was in this time that Dirkie started to gain interest in the art of music production.

“I used to be a DJ only, but thanks to the wonderful world of music production I can now create the music I want to play.”

Without any formal training in music theory, rhythms, chord progressions, sound synthesis or music production in general, Dirkie set out to learn this fine art by scouring any available articles and tutorials available on the internet. With many years of trial and error Dirkie slowly refined his skills as a music producer to create the sounds you hear in his music today.

“It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel like you are not achieving anything with your music, but passion for music always dies a slow death and quitting is never an option for me.”

It’s this passion for music and trance music production in particular that has helped Dirkie to get his music signed to some of the best labels in the business.

Apart from a successful music production career can you also find Dirkie on the airwaves hosting his own monthly radio show entitled We Are Trance exclusively on Afterhours.fm.

Since launching a successful international DJ career in 2012 have Dirkie toured to perform to crowds from South Africa to Russia, Ibiza, The Netherlands and beyond.