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.. Weston, Daniel Skyver, Casey Rasch, Chris Porter, Fausto, Vlind,  Akira Kayosa, Davey Asprey, Aimoon and many more.

Milky Way

AVAW159 Aimoon - Milky Way 1. Extended Mix 2. Original MixHuge power from Aimoon as he takes us on a cosmic journey with Milky Way. We can't help but feel transported away as he blends beautiful synths and pianos in this affair. Out of this world!

Universe Inside Us

SDM042 Abstract Vision - Universe Inside Us 1. Original Mix  2. Aimoon Remix After delivering a remix for Kiyoi & Eky - Batavia Abstract Vision are back on Serendipity with on original tune called Universe Inside Us. With an anthemic melody and signature sound this is a tune which is top quality stuff all the way. The

7 Billion Hearts

AVA311 Abstract Vision & Aimoon - 7 Billion Hearts 1. Extended Mix 2. Original MixWonderful stuff from Abstract Vision and Aimoon as they team up for 7 Billion Hearts. Cleverly arranged bass grooves chug along complimented by a vocal chop arrangement before a big hands in the air synth arrangement litters this gorgeous


UN115 Aimoon & Audiocells - Aurora 1. Extended Mix 2. Original MixAimoon & Audiocells teamed up for the uplifting banger Aurora on Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s very own label Universal Nation.

Autumn Rain

ITWT 750 Aimoon & Eugenio Tokarev - Autumn Rain 1. Original Mix 2. Extended Mix


OT051 Aimoon & Offshore Wind - Generate 1. Extended Mix 2. Original MixOur old friend Aimoon returns to Outburst with his compadre Offshore, to bring us an absolutely thumping tech trancer entitled Generate! Slick 303 acid, tight basslines and screaming leads, for those spine tingling dance floor moments. Another Twilight


ITWT 744 Aimoon - Afterdark 1. Original Mix 2. Exended Mix

Alpha Centauri

UN085 Aimoon & Saint Sinners - Alpha Centauri 1. Original Mix 2. Extended MixAimoon is back on Universal Nation! Alpha Centauri with Saint Sinners is a pounding psy-trance release. We love it! 


ITWT 738 Aimoon - Blizzard 1. Extended Mix 2. Original Mix After a highly successful 2018, In Trance We Trust proved once again that they only go for the best of the genre. Now they start the new year fresh with Aimoon's 'Blizzard'. The perfect track for your extended sets or to celebrate the last winter days.