#WinningWednesday: 3 x the new Ad brown album ‘Something for the Pain’


This week Ad Brown released his first ever artist album on Black Hole Recordings ‘Something for the Pain’. For our #WinningWednesday we’re giving away 3 of these albums.

Ad Brown did a best of 2013 interview with music blog Flux BPM Online. When asked what the best Twitter or Facebook message was he received from a fan or a friend he replied that a fan recently said: “Ad Brown is shit hot right now, he also has a great beard”

We also think Ad’s beard is great, but we’d like to see what you think is a great beard as well. So, to win one of those 3 Ad Brown albums post a picture (or the URL to a picture) in the comments of the best beard you’ve ever seen.
Quite fun right? We’re looking forward to seeing your favorite beards and will pick the three we like the most. Enjoy! 

Check out the Black Hole Recordings Facebook page to join this competition. 

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