Weekend's Teaser (Week 49)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.
You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

Andy Duguid – On The Edge (Club Mix)

The original mix of ‘On The Edge’ was ‘an overture exploration into super-string theory. Weaving unconventionally FX’d vocal harmonics into its lustre-filled strings; it’s backed by intricately programmed drum & percussion pulsation.’ Now Andy Duguid has turned the title track of his latest album into a club version.


Carl Nunes featuring Jonny Rose - Live Forever (Shanahan Remix)
‘Live Forever’ is a collaboration between Guatemalan DJ Carl Nunes and vocalist/singer-songwriter Jonny Rose. Together they created this heartening and uplifting progressive house track. For this release Shanahan has taken on the remixing, giving the original a taste of his new and creative sound of 2013.   

Ad Brown with Shawn Mitiska - Pulse 

The second single taken from Ad Brown's 'Something for the Pain' album.

Sied van Riel & David Forbes - Beast Within Me
Dutchman Sied van Riel and Brit David Forbes are teaming up for the exceptionally bouncy trance track that is ‘Beast Within Me’. You are warned.


Ido - The Sting
‘The Sting’ is the first single of Ido’s upcoming E.P. named just that. It’s a roomfilling progressive house track, really suitable for whatever great party you’re having. This one-track release is Beatport Only.


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