Weekend Teaser (Week 48)


We have a lot of releases each week, so to keep you up-to-date we made this weekly overview showing exactly what we have coming up. See the overview below!

- Out on December 8

Peter Santos - Under The Same Sky (Aly & Fila Remix)
The original of Italy’s Peter Santos’ ‘Under the Same Sky’, a more dream like trancer, was already featured on the GO On Air compilation mixed by Giuseppe Ottaviani. Now, top duo Aly & Fila produced a remix that can only be called a real hard-hitting trance extravaganza. This remix will blow you away either in the club or through your sound system at home! [GO On Air Recordings] 

Sied van Riel vs Standerwick - In A Perfect World (Solarstone Pure Mix)
Taken from Solarstone’s Pure Trance Vol. III compilation comes this re-visioning of Sied van Riel & Ian Standerwick’s bar-raising collaboration In A Perfect World, which was unleashed via Subculture in late September this year. Solarstone’s ‘Pure Mix’ was borne following a conversation between Rich Solarstone and Sied, where the former praised the latter’s back-to-basics approach to the track, pleading the opportunity to give it the Solarstone once-over. Sied & Standerwick gave their blessing, and the resulting Pure Mix gets a resounding thumbs-up all round! [Pure Trance] 

Betsie Larkin & Andy Moor - Not Afraid (Remixes)
Wrapping up Betsie Larkin and Andy Moor’s release are two fantastic remixes from Adam Ellis and Sean Murphy. Consistently topping the charts, UK based DJ and producer Adam Ellis has been on form lately and he brings a solid uplifting version of “Not Afraid” to the table. Subtle acids, gorgeous plucks, rolling basses and a massive main hook culminate into a fine example of what uplifting trance is all about. Fans of the 138 genre will not be disappointed! On the flipside, Irish talent Sean Murphy completes the lineup with a big progressive trance remix filled with hard hitting grooves and melodies. Combining tantalizing vocal chops alongside a re-written main lead, Sean proves that his future is very bright with this solid remix. A must have for any main room set! [AVA Recordings] 

- Out on December 12

KURA & John Christian - Kratos
Portuguese DJ & Producer KURA teams up with Dutchman John Christian and delivers us Kratos. Kratos combines a gigantic melody with a big electro drop that will get every crowd in the world going! [Flashover Trance] 

- Out on December 15

Moonbeam featuring Sopheary - My Heart's Confession
For their new release on Black Hole Recordings the always busy Moonbeam brothers team up with Seattle born singer/songwriter Sopheary, an up and coming EDM songstress. The result is a laid-back, slightly progressive trance track called ‘My Heart's Confession’. On the Going Deeper Remix the boys take you on a deep house ride. [Black Hole Recordings] 

Airbase - Panache
One of the most gifted and profound minds of a generation,  Airbase's latest release expands on his previous works, liberating a unique exhilarating experience entitled 'Panache'. Flamboyant and deeply atmospheric from the onset, 'Panache' bursts into creativity, binding mouth-watering melodies with an emotionally charged drive, throbbing along at a luxuriant BPM. 'Panache' tugs at the heart-strings, captivates, and radiates the listener from start to finish - a wondrous tune to get lost in. [Flashover Trance]


Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland - Infiltrator  
Tempo Giusto is no stranger to creating tech-trance monsters, it’s what he does best.. and Outburst Records could not be more suited to his edgy and raw tech sound! It’s a real pleasure to sign this talented Finnish producer up alongside his good friend Jace Headland for a big release called ‘Infiltrator’. With it’s shuffling percussion, aggressive groove and twisting pitch-bending saws the track builds up to it’s breakdown where some sinister soaring leads take charge before dropping us back into some typical ‘Tempo’ madness! With a relentless techno remix from one of Mark’s favourite techno producers ‘Destroyer’ the package really is complete. Yet another uber tech-trance release from Outburst! [Outburst Records] 

- Out on December 22

Dimension - Ode 2
A slightly groovy trance sound, a stunning rustic brake and some banging big-sounding beats to top it off. We’re talking about ‘Ode 2’, the brand new release by Dimension on the In Trance We Trust imprint. Wonderful! [In Trance We Trust] 

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