Weekend Teaser (Week 38)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on September 29

UCast - Tanity 
Alexei Tsygankov steps into the Tytanium ring once again to demonstrate his simply awesome ability to throw together a fantastic trance tune. Tanity displays what is becoming fast his trademark of teasing synth intros over pulsating basslines, followed by subtle simple piano lines to lead into the break as the track builds into an absolute stormer. Hope you enjoy this one, play it loud!


- Out on October 6

Johan Ekman - Don't Give Up
Wow, Swedish producer Johan Ekman doesn't give you any time to breath with his new trance slammer ‘Don’t Give Up’. This track will definitely thunder through your speakers with Johan’s unique and original sound clearly audibly. A must-have! [In Trance We Trust] 

Smith & Westin - The Sky
Brand new British deep house duo Smith & Westin present their debut release on the Wildlife imprint. ‘The Sky’ is a laid-back and slightly underground deep house track. The track features Roger Sanchez’ vocals from Universal Principles in the ‘Flying High’ release back in the year 2000. Smith & Westin deliver a great debut you don’t want to miss out on! [Wildlife]

Andy Leka – Galaxy
Andy Leka decided it was time for some electro house! His Galaxy EP will have the walls shaking and you dancing and bouncing the night away in the club. ‘Galaxy’ definitely has that distinctive energetic vibe Andy is so well known for in the club circuit. [Avanti] 

Carlin & Fil – Departure 
Carlin & Fil go on a trance rampage with their single “Departure”. A massive uplifter that drives on big strings and a big bassline. [Flashover Trance] 

Aimoon - Mental Universe / Soulfire
Here is the 3rd release from tech-trance’s label saviour Outburst Records! It’s a another powerful 2 track E.P., this time from the very talented (and heavily A State Of Trance backed) Russian man-of-the-moment Aimoon! He recently contacted Mark saying that he would love to get a release on the label and was 100% prepared to write 2 tech-trancers from scratch… well he has certainly delivered! 'Mental Universe' and 'Soulfire' are 2 absolutely scorching and pounding very 'Marcel-Woods-esque' sounding BANGERS...check them out for yourself! [Outburst Records] 

- Out on October 13

Puma Scorz featuring Ai Takekawa - Too Late
For his new release on Magic Island Records, Brazilian DJ/producer Diego Fonseca alias Puma Scorz has teamed up with Japanese vocalist Ai Takekawa. Together they present “Too Late”, a trance track that consists of a sublime combination between slamming beats and enchanting vocals.  With its warm melodies and driving beats throughout the track, this unique release is the perfect late summer trancer. Russian DJ and music producer Denis Sender has managed to pump up the beat a bit more in his remix of “Too Late”, turning it into an energetic and uplifting trance track. Another hit from Magic Island Records you don't want to miss! [Magic Island Records] 

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