Weekend Teaser (Week 36)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on September 15

Solarstone - 4Ever (Pure Retouch)
It doesn’t get ‘purer’ than this, Solarstone’s majestic ‘4Ever’ is an embodiment the Pure Trance sound; an evocative lead melody, a heart-rending chord progression backed up by incessant, driving production. This 136bpm ‘Pure Retouch’ has been a mainstay of Solarstone’s DJ sets throughout 2014 and features on the critically acclaimed ‘Electronic Architecture 3’. Previously available only as an album-cut, after a clamor of requests fans it is now available in all of its eight-and-a-half minute DJ-friendly glory. Timeless. [Pure Trance]

Darren Porter - The Oracle
Here we go with a big one! Label A&R Darren Porter suits up in heavy artillery (as he does) for his newest creation yet, The Oracle. Channeling into his mind's eye to bring out sounds and melodies you're guaranteed to have cut right to your bone, The Oracle brings forth everything you've already come to love about the sound of Darren Porter. Absolutely massive synth work has gone into this production and you'll just be blown away. [Tytanium Recordings] 

- Out on September 22

Jacob van Hage – Floorburn 
The energetic and exploratory spirit of the Dutch Jacob van Hage clearly shines through in his original sounds. Through his inexhaustible drive to entertain people, he produces surprisingly creative house where he alternates between different styles, his latest release makes no exception. This is 'Floorburn' an industrious electro house fused banger that will reign carnage. 'Floorburn' is both mettlesome and defiant both in equal measure, a mighty tune that is resolute on bulldozing the dance floor with it's savagely fierce basslines, thrashing beats, and catapulting vocals that infest your cranium. Don't miss out! [Flashover Electro House] 

- Out on September 29 

Roger Shah & Pierre Pienaar - The Namib
Roger Shah's reputation in the international EDM scene spans over 20 years, having worked with and      produced for some of the biggest artists like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten and many more. His last release "Eye 2 Eye", which he did in collaboration with Aly & Fila and Sylvia Tosun, has been Beatport Top 10 for almost three weeks in a row and is still in the Top 25. For his new release "The Namib", German born Shah has teamed up with Namibian producer, composer and DJ, Pierre Pienaar, whom is also known under production aliases like P.H.A.T.T, Melodia, Deep Sequence and Rebirth. With his tracks being play-listed by music heavyweights like Above&Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Sean Tyas and many more, it proves that Pienaar oozes talent and will be in the scene for a long time to come. "The Namib" is a true trance anthem. A mixture of stunning melodies and driving beats are ever present throughout the song. The brilliant choice of an African-sounding voice in the background will pick you up just before the breakdown and tease the euphoric feeling in the second part of the track. The heavy breakdown will sweep you away and drag you into the magic of the beat. A definite winner for Magic Island Records! [Magic Island Records]

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