Weekend Teaser (Week 32)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on August 11

Sequence 11 – Seasons
Time flies and it is time for already the 10th release on Giuseppe Ottaviani’s GO On Air Recordings. The honor goes to Sequence 11 with a great club mix of his new track ‘Seasons’, a mellow and uplifting piece of trance that’ll have you floating on the dance floor. [GO On Air Recordings]

Tangle - Kimberly
USA-based Evan Dackerman a.k.a. Tangle has come onto the trance scene in a total whirlwind of tracks ranging from progressive to driving trance to psy-trance and all things between. But now that he has gone and dedicated a song to his wife Kimberly, you know it's going to be something special. You will feel the power and passion behind this one, like we have, and we are proud to bring you the sound of Tangle for the second time on Tytanium this year. Meet... Kimberly. [Tytanium Recordings]

- Out on August 18

Sy Gardner - The Raid
UK-based Sy Gardner is no stranger when it comes to power driving trance fallings somewhere between tech trance and more “uplifting” melodic feels, with an excellent balance of the two. The Raid is what we feel Sy’s best track to date, and certainly something that will have you moving.  Slick acid-lines pad the intro for you as you hit the lush strings and piano of the break, before the big melodic leads kick in and take you up a level. So get cracking and join in on “The Raid”. [Tytanium Recordings]

- Out on August 25

A&N Project - Cubik  
With ‘Cubik’ A&N Project, an alias of Agnelli & Nelson and newcomers on the In Trance We Trust imprint, drop some serious anthem material. ‘Cubik’ really is a stunner as the guys provide you with a strong, anticipating build-up towards a great force of 138 BPM uplifting trance music. Terrific! [In Trance We Trust] 

Remco Geerts - You Can Do This / Wicked Whisky On The Rocks
Holland’s Remco Geerts came out of the shadows sometime in 2012 and with great prowess, he has released great music on multiple labels. Remco’s style brushes on anything from trance to techno, making him an up and comer with a hell of a lot of potential. Remco has played on different events and on numerous radioshows. His debut EP on Wildlife features two superb tracks that hold a mix between tech house and deep house and is perfect for the lovers of real house music. [Wildlife]  

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