Weekend Teaser (Week 31)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on August 11

Bobina - Nos Encontramos
You can definitely say Bobina is on a roll, bringing to the ear one trance smasher after the other. ‘Nos Encontramos’, meaning ‘we found’, is no exception! Bobina once again delivers a fierce trancer, with a dreamier and even slightly Balearic break after which the track picks up and you’re immediately transferred to the dance floor. A real must-have!

- Out on August 18 

Sunset & Klauss Goulart – Alcyon (Remixes)  
In September of 2013 Brazilian DJ’s Sunset and Klauss Goulart teamed up for this epic trancer with the beautiful name of ‘Alcyon’. The track screamed for remixes and here they are. The party continues with Danilo Ercole, one of Brazil’s advocates of trance, who brings in a more progressive remix branding Alcyon with his own style. Duo Allen & Envy take you on a more uplifting tour, giving the original a more club-like feel.

David Jones, Tom Enzy, Exodus - Party Rockin
Three is a charm they say and in this case three is a slammer. This release by David Jones, Tom Enzy and Exodus is true to its name and will rock your party, or any party for that matter, to the core. The vocals in this banging progressive house track keep reminding you to keep ‘Party Rockin’ and the drumming beat really helps with that. So, what are you waiting for?!

CiRRO - Tamriel
For his second release on Avanti, CiRRO brings us something special with ‘Tamriel’. The track is named after a fictive continent on the planet Nirn, that is featured in The Elder Scrolls roleplaying games. Even without knowing where the title hails from, you can hear some gaming and computer elements in this progressive houser, giving it an eccentric edge. 



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