Weekend Teaser (Week 29)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on August 11
Magic Island Vol. 5 - Album Sampler

- Out on August 4
Alan Morris - Rebellion
Alan Morris steps up this round to show us all what pure power and drive mean. His newest creation Rebellion is a "Tour de Force" that will set off any dance floor to the max, mixing his own blend of gorgeous melody with a dark side of aggression that will simply blow you away. Not much more needs to be said, this one will start its own "Rebellion"! Have a listen and enjoy this one!

- Out July 28
Sied van Riel featuring Alicia Madison - Gravity
On both the singles and mix-comp front, Sied van Riel’s juice to produce has shown no signs of abating over the last six months. With the momentum flowing, he’s gotten together with US singer-songwriter Alicia Madison for a thoroughbred release that’s going to give summer one almighty lift!
Alongside the stellar Original Mix, ‘Gravity’s gravities are reinforced by a contingent of high-grade European remixes, with the likes of Sneijder, David Forbes and Bastian Salbart dropping trance-translations. Also on board are remakes from the other side of the pond, with house king Jose Nuñez and Chicago duo Stephano & Torio giving ‘Gravity’ yet more pull. 

- Out on July 28
Strobe & Rubin featuring Roberta Harrison - Here Comes The Lion
Don't panic, but ‘Here Comes The Lion’, a new track by Strobe & Rubin together with songstress Roberta Harrison. This uplifting trancer with its nice rhythm and Roberta’s unique vocals is a joy to the ear. UK based trance DJ Amir Hussain has cranked up the BPM’s a notch in his sturdy remix. Rawr! 

- Out on July 28
Vinson - Circular Progression
This latest Songbird release consists of two brand new remixes of Vinson’s ‘Circular Progression’. This one of a kind track was featured on In Search Of Sunrise 9: India mixed by Richard Durand in 2011 and Sied van Riel’s first Rielism album. Now, in 2014 Alex O’Rion and Rolando Vallice each deliver their own remix. Alex O’Rion has toned down the original a bit, without losing its upbeat sound, while Rolando Vallice takes us on a deeper sounding ride. 

- Out on August 4
Faruk Sabanci & James Dymond - Sphinx
Trance maestro’s Faruk Sabanci and James Dymond, who have both earned their praise in the industry in a short period of time, formed a duo for their new release on In Trance We Trust with the mysterious name of ‘Sphinx’. Listening to the track you will definitely notice the title has been chosen very well, as ‘Sphinx’ is a full blown, vigorous and unique trancer with exciting Egyptian sounding beats woven through it. The beautiful vocals in the break and throughout the track keep up the mystery even more. ‘Sphinx’ is a release that showcases the great talents of these two men, both determined and very passionate producers, and here to stay. 

- Out on August 4
Pedro Del Mar & illitheas - Salvation
Pedro Del Mar and illitheas drop a great piece of music on the Black Hole imprint. ‘Salvation’ is an emotional and big sounding trancer. In the break a nice Balearic feel takes over, and you can almost smell the ocean. After that, all brakes are off and Pedro and illitheas take you on a fierce ride until the end. 

- Out on August 4
Rico Garcia - Feel The Night
Rico Garcia releases his first track on the Wildlife imprint. With this laid-back deep house tune, you’ll be able to ‘Feel The Night’ and chill out in a club-lounge or show of your moves on the dancefloor.  

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