Weekend Teaser (Week 28)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on July 14

Manufactured Superstars featuring Jarvis Church - Stay
Lead single from their recent Magnetic EP, ‘Stay’ follows ‘Like Satellites’ perfectly with what has become the new signature sound for the Manufactured Superstars - quality production and infectious melodies and top-lines. Canadian R&B singer/songwriter, Jarvis Church, adds to this with his gripping vocals on “Stay”. The award-winning producer leads the track into a dream-like atmosphere keeping rich to his soul reverence. Magik Muzik is proud to present the full package for this hit-song, with some outstanding new remixes by Au5 (dubstep), Digital Junkiez (electro house) and Sephano & Torio (progressive house). Essential Summer tune!

- Out on July 21

Kheiro & Medi - When You’re Home / Jara
For the latest release on his GO On Air Recordings label Giuseppe Ottaviani has flown in Algerian duo Kheiro & Medi, who already left their mark on the music world with their ‘Rise Above EP’, ‘Trance Temple’ and ‘Kheng Nettah’. In their busy schedule, the guys are also both doctors, they have found the time for not one but two brand new tracks. ‘When You’re Home’ is an uplifting trancer that barely gives you room to breathe thanks to it’s exciting tempo, except for the break in which Danny Claire’s wonderful vocals take over. For ‘Jara’ the guys team up with A.K.M. for another fierce trance track with the uplifting sound they’re known for, but this time with an almost space-like vibe to it. Old hand in the business Misja Helsloot has done a remix of ‘When You’re Home’ for this release, slowing it down and making it a little more airy and light-hearted.  

Matt Skyer - Reflections Of Love
Matt Skyer returns to us after some apparently completely honing his skills and totally upgrading his whole sound! "Reflections of Love" is not only beautiful, but it has a ferocious punch and drive that is trademark Matt Skyer. It's decorated beautiful high resonance acids that will keep you moving until the track dives into its breakdown, when his gorgeous choirs kick in full stop. Once you hit the melody, it is guaranteed to take you right up where you need to be. Enjoy.

- Out on July 28 

Damian Wasse - Ancient Empire
Russian fella Damian Wasse now presents ‘Ancient Empire’, his brand new release on In Trance We Trust. And boy, does he deliver with this great uplifting anthem-like piece of trance with its cheery though a little mysterious melody. ‘Ancient Empire’ once again shows you can definitely leave producing trance masterpieces to Damian Wasse.

Robbie Rivera featuring Lizzie Curious - My Heart
This tune of super duo Robbie Rivera and Lizzie Curious was originally featured on Robbie’s Dance Or Die Series, part 2 in 2011. The two produced ‘My Heart together with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, creating this hot smasher with a very danceable rhythm. Now, in 2014, the time has come for a nice remix package of ‘My Heart’. The remix by StadiumX is perfect to rock that dance floor, as well as Mell Tierra’s take on ‘My Heart. Marc MacRowland has temporized the track a bit, letting it build up more slowly. Last but not least is the remix by Oliver Rosa, who has given the original a completely different sound. With this amount of great remixes, there is certainly one that will get your feet of the ground!   

Moonbeam featuring Polina Griffith - I Go On
Together with songstress Polina Griffith the Moonbeam brothers once again serve the world an appealing dish with ‘I Go On’. This deep and progressive trance tune, one of the highlights of Richard Durand's & Lange's In Search of Sunrise 12: Dubai, breathes Summer all over. Polina’s distinctive voice is beautifully woven through Moonbeam's eclectic, mesmerizing sounds, altogether creating a deeper, positive Summer tune if there ever was one. Jaco & Ease gave the original a more laid-back vibe. The remix by Progressive Brothers is a little more airy and fit for the dance floor. Peter Hulsmans produced a Dub Movement of ‘I Go On’ as well as a Club Movement that, as the name already implies, is perfectly fit for a clubbing experience.

Liam Wilson - The Speed Of Design
We welcome one of the UK's rising stars Liam Wilson with his debut single on Damaged! A fresh mixture of psychedelic and uplifting trance with an evil drop! On remix duties we have Harmonic Rush delivering a slice of psy-trance and and uplifting remix from Allan Morrow to complete the package!

Justin Strikes - Love For You
Taking the funk and disco back to dance music... Justin Strikes unleashes his massive Love For You on Flashover House! A groovy, melodic and very danceable festival anthem that will get every lady on the floor going! 

- Out on August 4

Bobina featuring Shahin Badar - Delusional
Bobina brings the listener directly into oriental atmospheres thanks to his collaboration with award winning songstress Shahin Badar, who is well-known for her vocals on The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’. With ‘Delusional’ Bobina delivers a more uplifting and rhythmic trancer to which Shahin’s enchanting vocals give a nice mysterious edge. ‘Delusional’ is a unique release and a definite must-have. 

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