Weekend Teaser (Week 24)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on June 23

Rocking J - Cynthia 7 / Empty Places
Their new release is a two-track EP. "Cynthia 7" is exclusively taken from Roger Shah's forthcoming "Magic Island Vol. 5" 2CD mixcompilation and covers the darker side of this EP with its tech-trance influenced basslines. The breakdown has an angelic good feeling vibe with a longer build -up that makes you throw your hands in the air. The so called B-Side "Empty Places" is a pure Summer progressive trance tune, one you want to listen to on open air events, or while relaxing on the beach or driving your cabriolet down there. [Magic Island Records] 

In Trance We Trust 020 [DJ Sampler Part 1]
A few weeks after the release of the legendary 20th release of the In Trance We Trust series mixed by Menno de Jong, Mike Saint-Jules and Sneijder it’s time for the first DJ sampler with the extended versions of tracks that were on the album. This sampler features ‘Rocking’ by Johan Ekman and ‘Azure’ by Eco and Mike Saint-Jules. [In Trance We Trust] 

Rezone - Now Check This Out  
Rezone delivers a bang! His new release ‘Now Check This Out’ will no doubt set all dance floors on fire. This progressive houser contains all the right elements with it’s driving rhythm, uplifting sounds, and even a little electronic vibe. You will not be able to sit still. [Avanti]


- Out on June 30 

Danjo - Hollow Glory
In Trance We Trust releases two different remixes of Danjo’s ‘Hollow Glory’. The remix by Estonian DJ Kaimo K is a real power trancer with Kaimo’s uplifting sound on obvious display. The Moon.Bay remix is a laid-back trance track, more suitable for the club lounges. [In Trance We Trust]

In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai [DJ Sampler Part 2]
On this sampler you’ll find the full versions of three tracks featured on the album. First up is Sean Tyas trance-tropic ‘Take A Moment’, followed by Driftmoon with ‘The Inquisitor’. The last track on this ISOS12 sampler is for Adam Kancerski featuring Aneym with ‘Into The Light’. [Songbird]

Hectic - The Ripper
Hectic’s new release on Rub-A-Duck will make you bounce your head from beginning to end. ‘The Ripper’ is a one-of-a-kind track with a huge sound, mixing UK Dub with heavy reggae and jungle influences. Definitely a must-listen! [Rub-A-Duck]

Wavecandy & Giancarlo – Champion 
Dutch group Wavecandy teams up with fellow Dutchy Giancarlo for their brand new release on Magik Muzik. ‘Champion’ definitely is a winner with its catchy rhythm, uplifting beat and electronic sounds. You can already picture yourself dancing on that huge party. First up for remix duties is Bulgarian fellow Hotlife who managed to pump up the beat even more in his progressive mix. Rezone also stays in the progressive corner, branding it with his own sound. Junior J adds another banging layer to the original in his pumping version of ‘Champion’. This sure is the perfect package for any party. [Magik Muzik]

Dave Pearce & Ben Hennessy - Ictus
With the Latin name of ‘Ictus’, which means ‘blow’ you’ll expect a real slammer and you’re right. ‘Ictus’ is a vigorous and anthem-like trance track, ready to blow up the clubs. [Black Hole Recordings]

Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion III 
A tradition that’s unofficially linked their last 4 years with a 3-strong arc of ‘Slowmotion’ tracks, each has augured a major new Solarstone or Orkidea release or project. As the first purpose-produced track from his forthcoming, keenly anticipated ‘Electronic Architecture³’compilation, No. ‘III’ in the series is no different. Together the pair deliver another piece of righteously dark, long and supremely strong subterranean-minded trance. [Black Hole Recordings] 

Faruk Sabanci & ReOrder - Just Livid
Faruk Sabanci & ReOrder are no strangers for the trance community, and the perfect hook up to launch the new Flashover Trance sublabel! Just Livid has that typical Flashover energy, with a powerful lead sound, driving beats and a massive bass. Combine that with the unique style of Faruk Sabanci & ReOrder and you got yourself some massive trance! [Flashover Trance]

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