Weekend Teaser (Week 18)


We have a lot of releases every week and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them! That’s why we created this weekly overview with Youtube teasers of upcoming releases.You’ll be the first to hear them! All these releases are on iTunes pre-order now and will be available on all other download portals as well.

- Out on May 19

JES, Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd - Runaway
Songstress JES returns to Magik Muzik with ‘Runaway’, a true collaboration with German prodigies Cold Blue (p.k.a. Tobias Schuh) and Dennis Sheperd. Hot off the trails of her latest mixcompilation Unleash The Beat (Platinum Mix), it’s safe to say JES’ first major track for 2014 has arrived, something that wouldn’t be accomplished without the outstanding production skills of Tobias and Dennis. ‘Runaway’ is a trance-heavy anthem, which combines heavy basslines and lush synths with JES’ dreamlike vocals. Between all the current EDM mayhem dropping left and right, ‘Runaway’ is a real breath of fresh air, the song will surely get many plays all over the world this coming Summer season.

Il Santo featuring Eighty – Summertime (Roy Malakian Remix) 
The name of this track is quite self-explanatory, as it will take you fast forward into the summertime. Together with Eighty, Il Santo has delivered a nice house track with his signature laidback sound. The Roy Malakian remix will make sure you’re transported right to a club lounge or a hammock on the beach, with its chilled out house vibe.

Sean Tyas - Ascend
Sean Tyas reveals his first single on his new label home, Black Hole Recordings. Giving a retro-Tyas vibe, "Ascend" begins with ripping acid intro bits and a tough bassline that will command every inch of the dancefloor. Though the mood stays dark and melodic throughout, the track’s spiraling breakdown features an integral part of Tyas’ signature hit-making formula---resilient arpeggiated piano chords. Being sure to keep things fresh and forward thinking, Tyas incorporates unpredictable transitions and intricate percussion elements, evidencing a newer side of Tyas' higher level skill of production.

Andain - Beautiful Things (Remixes)
Almost 11 years after Andain’s second single ‘Beautiful Things’ was released together with the very successful Gabriel & Dresden remix, it’s now time for two brand new remixes by Daniel Skyver and Fady & Mina. First up is the remix by Brit Daniel Skyver, who has been making a mark on the trance scene recently with a load of big trance releases. His remix of ‘Beautiful Things’ is another one that can be added to this list being the powerful trancer it is. Egyptian duo Fady & Mina delivers the second remix. They’ve kicked up the BPM of the track considerably and gave it their signature sound, whilst keeping the feel of the original alive.

Mr Sam vs. DJ Furax – Nikoomook
Mr Sam is taking over with a brand new release on his Appia Music imprint carrying the interesting name of ‘Nikoomook’.  Not only the name is special, the track and its remixes are as well, making it a very varied package. The Mr Sam Vision is a sturdy techno track, followed by a more rhythmic techno mix on which he teams up with Max Tiger for their IZZY remix. Belgium’s Thomass adds his electro touch to ‘Nikoomook’ while DJ Furax takes you on a hard dance ride in his mix. A unique package, enjoy!

Dimension - Vicus
For everyone like their trance delivered on a silver platter, Dimension delivers the trance anthem of the Summer. Vicus goes all out in handing us one of the biggest melodies of the year!

- Out on May 26 

Lange presents LNG - Hey! While The Sun Shines
‘Hey! While The Sun Shines’ marks the return of Lange's LNG alias which encompasses his harder, more techy-edged productions. This new single, featured on the forthcoming In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai by Richard Durand & Lange, is a solid track that is perfect for the club floors thanks to its great build-up, uplifting break and driving sound. ‘Hey! While The Sun Shines’ will tear the place up. 

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