Weekend Teaser (Week 1-2015)


Happy New Year!! In 2015 we of course won't stop releasing new and amazing tracks! The releases below will be out on January 19.

Talla and Ram ft. Kim Kiona - Until The End
Wow, this new track by Talla and Ram with Kim Kiona will give you some serious chills. The break of ‘Until the End’ is absolutely stunning thanks to Kim Kiona’s truly magical vocals. The music by Talla and Ram is that of a true up-to-speed trance anthem with vigorous beats. [In Trance We Trust]

Allen & Envy - Coherent
Allen & Envy deliver a debut original on Damaged, with this powerful uplifting track. Haunting vocals and a beautiful melody! On remix duties we welcome back Johnny Yono with a more gritty remix, following the success of his track Pulverize which gained great support! [Damaged Records]


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