VOTE NOW!! The BEST trance vocalists of 2012


So its that time again when we share our love and respect for the vocalists out there. 2011′s poll saw best new comers shine, with Jwaydan, Tania Zygar, Emma Lock, Kerry Leva and Sylvia Tosun, not to mention most voted and highly admirable, Audrey Gallagher, Emma Hewitt, Susana Lise, Cristina Soto, Jeza, and many more.

Last year the first official vocalists poll did very very well, and we would love to see it do well once again this year, the more people we can get involved, the bigger we can make it  together year in and year out. We will have to add some additional changes to the voting system of course and plan to do so next year, so please bare with us for the time being. Be sure to spread the news and help us to get the word out because our vocalists matter too.

Why a vocalists poll?
We have set this up because we feel that every poll out there at the moment is only related around the DJ’s and producers. Let’s be honest here, most of their tracks would be nothing without the vocalists input. Therefore, they should be recognised and rewarded more openly too!

Who will you vote for this year?
Voting is all down to the readers of @Beatsmedia, only you will decide who makes it in to the list. Think hard, choose 5, and let us know which of the vocalists have gripped your soul the most this year. Send your votes to or you can message us via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Think, Vote, Share!

Deadline: All votes must be in by August 15th 2012. The votes will then be counted and the winners announced on the Beatsmedia website.

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