This week's 10 To Answer features Mike Saint-Jules


A returning item on our website will be 10 To Answer. 10 questions to one of our artists. This week we have "Mike Saint-Jules".

1. Who are you and where are you from?
Hi, I'm Mike Saint-Jules and I'm from New York!

2. When did you start producing?
I've been producing for about 8 years this summer.

3. What are the tracks people should know you of?
The bigger releases of mine to date would be 'Summerlives', my remix of Super8's "Cre8", and my remix of Ferry Corsten's "Twice In A Blue Moon".

4. What hard- and software do you use to produce your music?
I'm pretty much all software these days.  I use Fruity Loops for all my production work.  My favorite VSTs at the moment are Sylenth, Massive, Nexus 2, and Pro-53.

5. What are your musical influences?
My musical influences come from artists such as, Ferry Corsten, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Andy Prinz, Lange, and Breakfast.  I've been listening to their works heavily since the start of making music back in 2004.

6. Can you tell us something about your first dj gig?
My first major gig would have to be opening up for Ferry Corsten at Cielo in New York in 2007.  It was special to me mainly because it was my first time being a supporting act for one of the biggest producers and DJs in the game.

7. What's the coming gig you are really looking forward to and why?
There are a few gigs in the works which I can't discuss yet, but the next gig I'm looking forward is playing alongside Bissen and Victor Dinaire at National Underground in New York on the 14th of September.  This place holds the true definition of "Underground". While it may be small, it's perfect for the underground sound and easy to fill up the room.  I'll be playing for a few hours before the guys come on. So I'll be able to start deep and bring it out hard toward the end of my set.  I don't normally get this opportunity.

8. What can we expect from you in the near future?
There's a bunch of tracks that are a work in progress.  A new vocal track has been completed and will be forthcoming soon on Black Hole.  I have a collaboration with Juventa, and two more vocal productions in the works. One of which is with Stine Grove, who is doing fantastic at the moment!

9. Who's the artist you would love to make a track with (dead or alive)?
Tough question.  I would rather work with someone who has influenced my music from the beginning.  I'd be looking at either of the influences I've mentioned above.  If I had to choose one, I'd definitely say Alex M.O.R.P.H.

10. Any personal message to the fans?
Thanks for those who have supported me and continue to in the future. Support my fanpage on facebook via and follow me on twitter @mikesaintjules.  See you around the world somewhere!

Check out Mike's new compilation Past & Present out now on iTunes!

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