This week's 10 To Answer features Franky Nuts


A returning item on our website will be 10 To Answer. 10 questions to one of our artists.
This week young superstar Franky Nuts.

1. Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Frank Notenboom a.k.a. Franky Nuts, I'm from Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

2. When did you start producing music?
I started producing 3 years ago, just for fun, making some crappy beats.
But after playing in bands, I started to produce dubstep and drum and bass.
Since 1,5 year I am seriously focussing on productions.

3. What are the tracks people should know you of?
The Freestylers - Over You (Franky Nuts & Azzeration remix) and my collaboration with Movement called More.

4. What hard- and software do you use to produce your music?
I have a E-Mu Xboard49 (Keys) , a Roland SPDS (Drumpad), 4x 300 watt Hi-Fi speakers and 2 Alessis MKII (Studio Monitor), because I prefer to listen to my tracks on many different speakers to reach the best result.

5. What are your musical influences?
A LOT! I like almost all types of music, and I'm really in to it too, I grew up on Jazz, I am very influenced by that.
But also from Rock, metal etc. and Hip-Hop.
The only thing I really hate is Dutch folk music, at the end you can get inspired bylaw types of music and mix that into your own sound.

6. Can you tell us something about your first dj gig?
Well, my first gig was at my own event "Kill The Dj" it started really small, but now we are already working on a complete festival coming 29 September this year (2012), it was at a pub in Roosendaal, with some friends, all just for fun and the music.

7. What's the coming gig you are really looking forward to and why?
Hmm, The Kill the Dj Festival of course, but also Breda Barst, I always wanted to play there, and now finally it happened.

8. What can we expect from you in the near future?
That's hard, like I said earlier, I like so much types of music that I'm not sure what I'm doing after a few years.
Dubstep and Drum and Bass is going really well, and my career is already going so well, so I hope I can tour around the world, and make enough money to live, so I can always make music.

9. Who's the artist you would love to make a track with (dead or alive)?
Difficult one: Bloody Beetroots, Snoop Dogg, And So I Watch You From Afar, I know they are all really different but they are heroes.

10. Any personal message to the fans?
Please stay in touch, I have a lot of cool tunes coming up ;)

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