The Return of House: Future Deep and Tech House classics


It's no secret that in today's world of dance, the scene is often flooded with chaotic and saturated productions that can't hold a candle to true forms of house. With a clear aim for the quality deep house productions that many will affiliate with the house sound of Chicago and Detroit, "The Return of House: Future Deep and Tech House Classics" goes back to basics with 16 outstanding tracks.

As a counter strike to the current and slightly pretentious 'credible house' movement, house has seen a clear return to the realm of soulful and warm house, with an open mind to vocal peak time cuts. As a result, the lush and luxurious atmosphere that house created in the early days found its way to the true house aficionados all over again, with the release of "The Return of House: Future Deep and Tech House Classics" as its best example.

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Invite your friends and keep a chilled bottle of class-A champagne in handy and get ready for 16 rock solid tracks produced with pumping grooves, discofied influences, soulful vocals and funky elements, all dedicated to get the party started. Serving the cream of the crop with tracks by Chris Domingo, LaPietra, Brett Gould, Jess-E, Oliver Lieb, Chanel Cochrane, Yves Eaux & J-Soul, Zoo Brazil, Hectic, Jawoo and many others, "The Return of House: Future Deep and Tech House Classics" is your ticket to a sizzling night out!


Chanel Cochrane - Cult Music (J Hazzrd Remix)
Jawoo - Experiment
Hectic - Sonics
LaPietra featuring TheKidBelo - Kids (Light Babies Bay-Side Sunrise Remix)
Spix - Closed (Jess-E Remix)
Brett Gould - Pebbles (Kevin McKay Remix)
Camp Yo! - Pineappletrés
Jess-E featuring KT Forrester - I Feel Your Energy (Discofied Mix)
J-Soul & Re-Zone - Shizzy Disko
Jorg Zimmer - Time
Moonbeam - The Raven (Rosie Romero & Ian Round Remix)
Zoo Brazil feat. Roland Clark - The Message
Oliver Lieb - Altiplano
Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross - Shaken Not Stirred
Speaker Tweaker - Can't Let Go
Chris Domingo - Don't Stop (Seraphim & Numinous Remix)

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