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To celebrate the release of Lose My Logic we did an interview with Sean Tyas.

We’d imagine your vinyl collection is pretty extensive. What is your most prized vinyl and why?

Ah not really, In fact I only started doing the DJ circuit thing after CDs were already the hard standard, soon to be followed already by replacement by laptops, USB, and SD Cards.  But I did have a few vinyl from the late 90s/ early 2000s and I'd my most prized one was the full Album LP I had of System F - Out of the Blue. What an album!!

We've just seen you first release on Black Hole Recordings alongside Noah Neiman and Fisher, "Lose My Logic." The track received some great supports including Guiseppe Ottavani and Ferry Corsten, and even had some few spins on SiriusXM. Any plans to work with either again?

They are both great! Fisher, especially, as I'm not sure if we're allowed to say yet, but I've been working on some projects for some of her solo stuff she's planning on doing. Some really cool stuff! It's not necessarily a "Sean Tyas record," it's produced more for the style of her brand, which kind of makes it fun because I get to produce something different. Kind of like "Lose My Logic," there's different elements from all 3 of us which we just put all together. We're really happy with that single and how it's done pre-release and here this week, so thanks to everyone thus far!

Which aspect of your job would you say you love the most? Studio time, touring, other?

Studio time. I am alone with my toys, and there is just nothing better… Ok well, MAYBE spending time with my family, but its pretty close!

Throughout your career you’ve worked with a number of artists, both rookies and veterans. What are some of the main differences you’ve noticed while working with artists in each of those categories? Does your role as a producer change based on their levels of expertise?

It's been really interesting to see how each of them work and I have to say everyone is so different from each other.  Even artists that may sound similar, I can guarantee, work totally differently to acheive ther final result.  That's what makes this such a great artform, there are no wrong answers.

Trance fans are all about meaning and emotion, which of course tattoos are symbolic of. Which of your tattoos is/are your favorite(s) and why?

The only ones that I have are my visible ones so I don't have many really :) But of these of course, my favorite are my daughters' names on my left arm.  

At what moment during a set do you know you’ve successfully captured the crowd?

I don't think its a tangible moment really, you just go with a flow, and if you're in the groove with it, you just know, and if not, you also know….

Do you feel that there was more pressure on you when you first entered the industry because you had something to prove? Or is it now as a “veteran” because you have an image to uphold?

I don't know, I just wanted to make music. In fact originally I didn't plan on DJing either.  I think thats something a lot of that started off as a producer can say.  We all just sort of fall into it.

Besides the typical "never give up, follow your dreams", what is the coolest piece of advice you have ever received? Who was it from?

Actually, Lange once told me (and he would probably never remember this, because it was before I even moved to Europe in 2004), "don't compare your music to others' because subconsciously all other peoples' music will sound better than yours because you didn't write it."

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