Rub A Duck presents “2YRS The Best In Bass”


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For a little over two years now, Rub A Duck has gone through a healthy growth, making a huge progression in modern musical trends. Steadily signing new acts that produce one solid EP after the other, Rub A Duck has become a well established record label. The release of this second installment marks the ongoing success of the imprint and highlights the countless new acts that were signed, making "2YRS The Best In Bass" an indispensable compilation.

Currently looking at a vibrant and blooming catalogue of close to 60 releases including the latest Freestylers artist album "The Coming Storm", Rub A Duck keeps up a fast pace with their output while at the same time they keep broadening their musical perspectives. Having expanded their sound from dubstep, drum 'n' bass and electro to trap and garage in the past year, it is a logical result to see an ever-growing list of established and new artists such as L'Raquel, Mecanek, Nosense, O.Crow, Camp Yo!, Kill Control and La'Reda; all with their own unique sound.

"2YRS The Best In Bass" features 30 of Rub A Duck's best and most recent singles and remixes. Including roof raising floorfillers by Franky Nuts, Sickflip & RT, Damn You Mongolians, The Freestylers & Wizard featuring Sirreal, Sound Avtar and many others, "2YRS The Best In Bass" is probably the best, bass-induced soundtrack for your summer holiday.

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