Rub A Duck presents "Bass In Ya Face 2: The Loudest In Bass, Dubstep and Drum 'n' Bass"


Still recovering from the first "Bass In Ya Face" compilation? Then you better make sure to work on your stamina, 'cause Rub A Duck now presents the brand new "Bass In Ya Face 2". Offering an outstanding selection of the latest tracks and remixes, "Bass In Ya Face 2" once again makes it perfectly clear why they're The Loudest In Bass, Dubstep and Drum 'n' Bass.


Continuously expanding its musical horizon, Rub A Duck has focused strongly on a steady increase in signing new names and styles since the release of the first volume. Putting one and one together, it's therefore no surprise that "Bass In Ya Face 2" showcases not only dubstep, drum 'n' bass and electro, but also trap and garage.

"Bass In Ya Face 2" exhibits a track list that reveals many of the new additions to the imprint's artist roster. Acts like, for instance, the California based female trap artist L'Raquel, Cuzzy Cuz from Switzerland or the Russians Kill Control & Mellon and Nosense all recently presented their debut releases for the imprint and already make heads turn in the industry.

Completing the full compilation are established names like DJ Rockid, Hectic, O.Crow, Franky Nuts, The Freestylers, Sound Avtar, Sydney Blu (whose hitsingle "Chemistry" appears in the shredding Bolivian Marching Affair Remix), Sickflip and many, many others, including remixes by Relay & Front, C.O.N.E. and F.I.69.

With "Bass In Ya Face 2" the series thunder on with bouncy energy, maniacal stabs, searing drops - at times even taking things underground with damp, darker productions to keep everyone on their dancing feet!

Cuzzy Cuz - Unicorn Rider
L'Raquel featuring F.I.69 - Mind Ya Bizness (F.I.69 Remix)
DJ Rockid - Trinity (C.O.N.E. Remix)
Kill Control & Mellon - Killer Melons
Hectic - Skeleton
Franky Nuts - Units
Nosense - My Sequence
O. Crow - 8 Bit Robot (F.I. 69 Remix)
Damn You Mongolians featuring Natalie Holmes - Lights Out
Mecanek - Tales From  A Concrete Jungle
The Freestylers featuring Maikal X - Fall From Grace
Sydney Blu & Christian Falero feat. Lea Luna - Chemistry (The Bolivian Marching Affair Remix)
Sickflip - The Moan Of A Machine (Relay & Front Remix)
Jelle Boon - The End Is Near
Sound Avtar - 1UP

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