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Ever since its revival in 2011, Wildlife has shown a steady growth in successful releases. In the vein of the imprint’s manifesto to release only high quality productions that stay true to house in its purest form, Wildlife stands for an output with a keen ear for that one, often neglected, ingredient: the groove. Covered with a lush layer of funky and soulful basics that bring back the disco feel into the music, Wildlife continues to hand the ruling DJs of the world the essential material for their live sets and provides every fan of the genre with the absolute best compilations available - “Wildlife House Essentials 3” being one of their latest.


Besides an impressive series of singles in the past year, Wildlife also saw the release of a brand new artist album: the acclaimed “Audio Memoirs” by Jawoo. The mere fact that one name was able to come up with enough output to conceive an entire long player showed that the imprint was able to sign more than just ‘one hit wonders’ to its artist roster. New signings like Rue Duo, LaPietra, Monobrother D, Yves Eaux and Jochem Hamerling, to name but a few, all found their way to the Wildlife family - all of them dedicated producers and the driving force behind their own music.  

The label’s musical horizon has expanded considerably ever since its introduction in 1999 and Wildlife has become the label of choice for crucial deep house, vocal house, tech house and electro house releases. Following in the footsteps of the first two volumes, “Wildlife House Essentials 3”, compiles 21 of the best tracks and remixes from artists like Chanel Cochrane, Stefan K, Freestylers, Chadash Cort, Jawoo, Monobrother D, Zeb Baso & Daisy Dance and many others. The compilation also includes a bonus mix with all the tracks in one big DJ mix.

Featuring tracks that have received the support of artists like Jorg Zimmer, Ian Carey, Mark Knight, Miss Nine, Steve Aoki, Blake Jarrell, Robbie Rivera, Adam K and many others, “Wildlife House Essentials 3” celebrates life, good times and the summer of 2013 with supreme titles, ready to live up your party under the palm trees!

Light Babies feat. Wendy Starland - Queen Of Hearts
Zeb Baso & Daisy Dance - Take Me To Vegas
Rue Duo - Klub
Monobrother D & Olej - Saturday Night
LaPietra feat. TheKidBelo - Kids
Jawoo - The Hangover
Brett Gould - Kapow
Spix - Closed
Chanel Cochrane - Cult Music
Chadash Cort feat. Katie's Ambition - Tomorrow
Hectic - Silver
Jess-E feat. KT Forrester - I Feel Your Energy
Jochem Hamerling & Guido - Freeform
Freestylers - You And What Army (Markus Jakes Dub)
Stefan K - FTLOH (Ralpheus Remix)
Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross - Don't Stop Baby
CIS - Stations Of The Avantgarde
Yves Eaux & Nick Fay - FAAAK
Monobrother D - Lazy Jazz
Brett Gould - Pebbles (Kevin McKay Remix)
Chadash Cort feat. Iossa - You Will Be

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