Manufactured Superstars release their new “Freak On You” EP


Direct from “the funniest DJs in the universe” comes the blazing-hot EP by the Manufactured Superstars, entitled “Freak On You”. The long-awaited EP includes mouth-watering remixes of hip Manufactured Superstars singles, including the blistering new dubstep remix of “Take Me Over” featuring Scarlett Quinn, a single that’s climbed the radio charts on Sirius XM’s ‘BPM’ dance music station and received support from radio stations worldwide.

Tantalizingly, the Freak On You EP also contains four brand-new, road-tested and dancefloor-proven tracks guaranteed to light the night on fire, including “Dance With You,” “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off,” “Happy Panda” and “Make My Body Move.” As the clamoring crowds on the Manufactured Superstars’ nonstop string of live shows illustrate, this DJ duo knows what works on a dancefloor.

The pulsating, sultry beats of “Take Me Over” elicit smiles as the catchy hook and radio-friendly chord progressions soak the senses. The Radio Edit has steadily climbed the charts, of course, but it’s the Bingo Players Remix that pumps the underground energy up a notch and warps the song into a dancefloor missile. Beware the J Flash & Tyler Blue Dubstep Mix, however, which ultimately twists this huge pop tune into a searing, vicious, dubstep track full of devastating power.

“Dance With You” goes deeper into the house realm, with Molly Cottrell’s rich vocals offering the perfect foil to the lusty bassline and classic 4/4 beat. “Serious” featuring Selina Albright moves along the same deep-house vein, and the Radio Edit is as tight as the Calvin Harris Remix is trippy, the latter accentuating the bassline into an impossibly expansive landscape.

Albright returns triumphantly on “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off,” a hair-raising cover of the 1986 hit by Jermaine Stewart, replete with a thick, tribal beat triggering clubbers into an ecstatic frenzy. “Happy Panda” is a piece-de-resistance of the EP, a fat and deliciously gooey 4/4 track created for peak-time in the mainroom.

“Drunk Text” featuring Lea Luna is a sexy, spoken-word gem recounting that modern tech phenomenon club-goers all experience, set to a hypnotic rhythm and mesmerizing synth line. The Save The Robot Remix of “Angry Circus,” the Manufactured Superstars’ first release, epitomizes the high-energy, fun-loving vibe of Manufactured Superstars’ live performances and comes out winning. For DJs and fans alike, Freak On You is a must-have collection of knockout club tunes!

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