This month Lyonheart follows up his November 2017-released ‘No Brakes EP’ with a new song collection. Fans of the former will delight in the latter, as the multitalented Iranian-born/London-based musician delivers four new recordings, stylistically ranged throughout electronic music’s deeper/cooler strata.

Swift of pace, ‘January’ - the EP’s icebreaker - is juxtaposed by drifting, sifting guitar strum, as Lyonheart’s ode to the track’s titular love captivates its centre ground.

‘Visions’ cools ‘No Blueprint’s tone, pulling up a stool and letting the guitar chords hang longer in the air. Chilled by nature, yet conveying some trop-house sway through its underlying rhythms, Lyonheart journeys to many a soulful place through its song.

As with several of the former ‘No Brakes EP’s number, an urgent breakbeat charges ‘Blueprint’s penultimate track. ‘Tribute’s elegiac piano tints it melancholia further, while its lyrics offer some contrasting rays of hope and optimism.

With its heartbeat-like drum pattern acting as instrumental metaphor for its vocal to come, the ‘No Blueprint EP’ closes with its title track. Through its contemplative song, Lyonheart weighs a seemingly fated relationship through smartly figurative lyrics. Deep of verse, yet curiously uplifting of chorus (and neatly housing in an counterpoint view in its midsection), it’s another grand testament to his talents.   

The ‘No Blueprint EP’ by Lyonheart is out now and is available to download/stream here:

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