Kwettr participates in the 2016 Accenture Innovation Awards


Will you help us win the Innovation Awards Audience Award?

We are participating in the Accenture Innovation Awards. A professional jury will evaluate all participants of the 2016 competition, and besides that the audience can vote using social media. It is a basic principle: the innovation that gathers the most ‘social votes’ wins the Audience Award. Voting can be done on our own page on the Accenture Innovation Awards website, using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook buttons.


About the Innovation Awards

The Accenture Innovation Awards: a yearly competition for the most innovative Dutch product, service or concept. The Innovation Award gives companies the credits they deserve. Concepts launched in The Netherlands, with exceptional performances and not older than 3 years can join in the competition and strive to win the renowned Blue Tulip, Green Tulip and the Audience Award. Besides that, the Innovator of the Year Award is given to the person who gave an exceptional contribution for innovation in the Netherlands.


All through the year, various events are held about the Innovation Awards. The highlight of the year is the prize ceremony of the Innovation Award on October 28 in De Fabrique in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During the ceremony, the jury will announce the winners the Blue Tulip, Green Tulip, Audience Award and Innovator of the Year and.

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