Kwettr opens Markus Schulz Pop Up Store


Today, May 30, Kwettr opens a new digital pop up store for Markus Schulz.

The pop up store contains exclusive content taken from his new Watch the World album.

For a period of 4 weeks, all visitors of the store can download tracks, ringtones and mixes in return for a tweet, Facebook Like or follow on Markus’ Instagram account.


Exclusive content

Markus Schulz’ latest album, released on April 29, is a collection of dance & acoustic tracks. The digital pop up store has a new remix of Markus Schulz featuring Delacey – Destiny, made by Solid Stone. Other items in store include a mix of several album tracks and ringtones of Summer Dream and Love Me Like You Never Did.


Pay with a tweet, Facebook Like or Instafollow

As a special ‘thank you’ for all the support of Markus Schulz fans worldwide, items in the digital pop up can be downloaded in return for a tweet ( #paywithatweet), a Like on Facebook or by following Markus Schulz on Instagram. No bank- or creditcard details are needed.


The Watch the World digital pop up store is open for a short period of time; click here to visit the store and download exclusive content. 

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