Kwettr opens digital pop up store Tapp Your Music


Today, Wednesday 13th of January, Kwettr opens a digital pop up store for Tapp Your Music.

This is an app, which you can use as a modern Jukebox during your night out in the club or at a concert. For the coming week, the app is available for free in the pop up store for people who tweet about Tapp Your Music, or follow them on Instagram.

With the free app the audience of any gig or festival will be able to vote during music events for their favourite songs. The artist/performer decides which songs the audience can vote for, to play as an encore. It is also possible to put the set list together with your audience.

Artists that use the app, benefit in several ways. Income is generated, for each vote casted during or prior to a gig the artist receives a fee. Customer data is collected, during and prior to gigs such as name, email and songs voted for. The app comes with a dashboard that keeps the artist in control of all content and collected data.

“It is the digital version of what Bruce Springsteen uses during his concerts”, Tapp Your Music co-founder Jack Hamelink says. “Bruce Springsteen collects little pieces of cardboard from his fans with song titles written on it”.

The Tapp Your Music pop up store will be opened for at least one week, from January 13 to January 20 the Tapp Your Music app is free to download in return for a tweet or follow on Instagram. The store can be visited here: Tapp Your Music

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