Kwettr launches free app


Download the free app HERE and receive a very rare Tiësto mix, dating back to the year 2000

Kwettr enables our fans access to music of Black Hole Recordings in return for tweets, likes, snaps and selfies. Formerly only available as a web-based service, Kwettr now launches a free app for mobile use.

Why should dance music fans use the app?

The apps gives you access to brand new, exclusive music of Black Hole Recordings. Pre-releases are shared within the app long before official release date. Besides brand new music the app also gives you very rare classics from artists such as Tiësto, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate and Paul Oakenfold.

Free music and discounts on festivals

The app also enables you to get in touch with your favorite DJ during gigs and festivals. Use the app to receive personal welcome messages from the DJ’s when you enter a club. For example: “ Post a selfie on Instagram and get my new single for free! “

The app gives you exclusive content, discount on merchanise, CD’s and tickets and also enables you to get in touch with other fans. Share photos within the app and collect points to unlock exclusive content.

The app is available for free in the iOS app store and on Google Play

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