Kidson Media Production presents #KURIOSITY 005: Sneijder


Kidson Media Production did an In Trance We Trust 020 walkthrough with Sneijder on his disc 3 mix for their #KURIOSITY series. Sneijder also gives them a tour through his studio. Read more below and watch the video.

The fifth installment of the popular series will yet again bring you exclusive, up close and personal videos from the producers and DJs themselves. We are happy to present you a full, in depth walkthrough of disc 3 of the 20th edition of the legendary 'In Trance We Trust', mixed by Sneijder. In #KURIOSITY 005, find out why these tracks were chosen and what Sneijder's own personal connection to the tracks are, as well as to the producers who made them. Also see the progression of the CD and why the tracks appear where they do. Hear Sneijder's personal notes on his solo tracks, especially his new collab 'Next Level', together with fellow Irish producer Bryan Kearney. PLUS, a personal tour of Sneijder's studio. Find out what hardware he would never sell, and find out what hardware he´s using still that has a zip drive. Hear his own comments on the CDs and vinyl that he has displayed on his walls.


'In Trance We Trust 020' mixed by Sneijder, Menno de Jong and Mike Saint-Jules, OUT NOW on Black Hole Recordings.

"If you like trance, this is essential!!"

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