Interview with DJ Jawoo about his album ‘Audio Memoirs’


With a track record that begins in 2003, Jawoo swiftly climbs to the top of the international electronic dance industry. In a short period of time he releases several EPs on the Black Hole sub label Wildlife. Tracks like “Face Of The Jungle”, “Life Dimension”, “Strange People”, “Somewhere in Toronto”, “Security Reasons”, “Toy Story”, "Neighbour Coming To Me" and "The Mouse", all introduced Jawoo's hot sound to the world. Starting the New Year with a bang, Jawoo proudly presents his debut album “Audio Memoirs”.

Jawoo, born June 25th 1989 in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, is better known as Marinko Vujevic. His first experience with a big crowd was when he turned 14 and started working as a DJ in one of the clubs in his hometown. As a beginner he played a wide variety of genres from techno, tech house, progressive house and even R'n'B and hip-hop; laying a solid foundation for his final switch to electronic dance music.

Nowadays playing mostly electro, techno and tech house, Jawoo still tries to focus on the deeper and more melodious sounds in those styles. With his previous releases, Jawoo already proved that an enticing blend of techno and tech house gets the party rocking. The young DJ/producer also has owned his own record imprint ‘Stanch Records’ since 2008.

In 2012, Jawoo takes up the challenge to produce a series of four EPs that feature a total of ten brand new titles. This ‘tour de force’ finally results in massive tech house smashes like “Living Administrator”, “Hidden Thoughts”, “Black Thoughts”, “The Hangover”, “Hugo”, “Animal Jazz” and many others. The consistent high quality of all four EPs that Jawoo brought to the limelight turned out to be such good dance floor material, that the decision was made to put all tracks together into one, solidly rocking debut artist album.

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