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We continue our quest to get to know the hard work involved behind the scenes within the hectic world of a record label with our second interview focusing on the globally known record label ‘Black Hole Recordings’. They have amazing artists on their roster including Tiesto, who is one of its founders, with his amazing unforgettable classics, along withCosmic Gate BT, JES, Julie Thompson, Andy Duguid, Richard Durand and many more. The music released on the various sub labels stay true to the credo “Captivate, Communicate and Celebrate”!

For our second interview we chose to talk with Mark Meeuwissen, A&R at Black Hole Recordings, well known as DJ and producer in his personal career under the name Mark Green. Mark talks about how he ended up working with Black Hole Recordings, and the work he does at Black Hole headquarters.

He mainly listens for endless hours to demo’s from established as well as young and hopeful artists, who aspire to see their music productions released on one of the most successful record labels in the business. In the following interview you can read his very deep and insightful answers. So if you always wondered what an A & R is doing in a record company, here is your chance to find out.

Dimitri: First of all Mark it would be cool to tell us about your music background. What kind of music were you listening to as teenager, and do you remember your first ever big dance event which you attended in the Netherlands?

Mark: I bumped into “house music” (mellow) at a local club “Spock” where Tiesto was having his Thursday, Friday and Saturday night residency. Before that period I was already specifically interested in electronic music, but not limited to any sub-genre. I also played a lot of 'mainstream' music from the Dutch charts like every kid. In my really early days I had 6 years of classical music education, not sure if that really influenced me though. I think the first big event I attended was ID&T’s first “Mysteryland” in 1994, or “I Love Techno” in Belgium around the same period.

Dimitri: How did you end up working for Black Hole Recordings? Was this your ideal work environment from the beginning and was it your secret aspiration to work for a record company like Black Hole?

Mark: I had been working part-time in “Magik The Record store” since the shop opened. After a few years of working full-time as a construction engineer I decided it was time for a change. Black Hole’s owners Arny and Tijs heard about this and asked if I would like to join the Black Hole team full time, giving A&R and promotional support on a variety of projects. A dream came true and everything fell in place.

Please read the full interview over here.

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