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This time : Illegal downloading: is it just as cool as wearing white socks in your sandals?

Last night I read that three quarters of all illegal downloads come from just 2% of all illegal downloaders…. Wake up people... It’s 2013, not 2003! People who still download stuff illegally are probably people who wear white socks in sandals, play with their tamagotchi and live with their mom’s until she kicks them out at age 35.

For everybody who still thinks that you have to steal music to enjoy it, here’s 5 reasons not to download anything from the web illegally:

Free alternatives
First of all, who needs it anyway now there are so many free alternatives that let you listen to your favorite music any time of the day, anywhere you are? Companies like Spotify, Youtube and Deezer help us out, just to name a few....

Why own?
Is it really necessary to download an MP3 or a movie? Internet connection is almost a primary asset of living. People are connected anytime, anywhere, so stream away and don’t worry that you’ll loose it all if your computer crashes.

Don’t steal
It’s an old argument, but oh so true: don’t steal! On one hand you say you’re a fan of an artist, and on the other hand you pick his pocket by deriving him from income. Early adaptors got wind of it years ago, but for all late (and overdue) adaptors out there: no, it’s not cool to do it.

Be afraid. I heard US government is giving it serious thoughts to fine people with 1 million years of jail time for downloading an MP3 without paying for it. Way to go DMCA! Prepare to bend over to pick up the soap in the showers guys….

Old fashioned
I think I’ve made my point by now, right? Do yourselves a favor and sell your tamagotchi, burn your white socks and feed your sandals to the neighbour’s dog. Wake up, it’s almost 2014….

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Bas Kruijssen, New Media & Marketing Manager Black Hole Recordings
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