Happy Birthday Spotify!


A 5-year anniversary!

Today, on October 7th, it is 5 years ago Spotify started offering their streaming service to the Scandinavian countries, the UK, France and Spain. In those 5 years Spotify has extended to four different continents, reaching more than 26 million users of which 6 million are paying subscribers.
A very nice milestone! 
At Black Hole we have been collaborating with Spotify for a few years now, letting you stream our complete catalogue through the platform, creating special playlists and even our own Black Hole Recordings Spotify app.

So, we’d like to wish the people behind Spotify a Happy Birthday with many great years to come! Because what’s more important than being able to listen to all your favorite music wherever you are in the world?

You can find a very in-depth look at Spotify here, in the Mashable Spotlight.   

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