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Last week we posted an interview on our social media Solastone did with Russian website EDM-news.com. No one at the office speaks a word of Russian, so what Solarstone said in the interview was a complete riddle to us. Luckily, one of our great fans found the time to translate the complete interview. A big thumbs up for Katie Marie!
Thanks to her you can now enjoy this interview in English below:

As you know, at the end of October at the label Black Hole Recordings came out the second part of the compilation Pure Trance , which features Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani . The other day we talked with one of the authors of the release and part-founder of the concept of Pure Trance. Rich Mowatt , standing behind a pseudonym Solarstone , told us about his vision of pure trance sound, and at the same time gave a physical copy of the compilation " Pure Trance 2 "which we give away after recording.

EDM-News : What is the real reason, which initiated the concept Pure Trance?

Solarstone : All this has happened because there is a special kind of trance music that I like. A couple of years ago, I realized that all these fusion of genres that were taking place, slowly but surely lead to the disappearance of my favorite music. Pure Trance - this is trance, without additions of other styles and techniques of modern fashion producer. That's why I call it clean. This is the kind of music which dominated the beauty and emotion, and in the notes contained euphoria, during which the people on the dance floor eyes closed in pleasure. Pure Trance movement - is, in essence, a return to the roots. This is music that is loved by millions of people around the world, and that brings them together spiritually.

EDM-News : Do you plan to return any sound disappeared into a concept, for example, acid-sounding or anything else from the 90s?

Solarstone : The idea is not to look back. You need to look forward. To be honest, I do not see the prerequisites in order to implement the old sounds or elements in music today.

EDM-News : Modern versions of old hits are always in trend. You do not have thoughts renew some old trance tracks of modern pure trance sound (as, for example, you did it with his track "Seven Cities")?

Solarstone : You're right, people always want to hear the latest versions of the tracks of past years. I think this is typical of all genres. However, I have no intention of reviving the old tracks just for them to bargain contemporary sound. While it's always great fun to do a remix of something that you love. I know that Paul Oakenfold is currently working on an album of modern trance remixes of old tracks, so it seems to me, to introduce them to a new generation. But I still prefer to create new music.

EDM-News : Have you thought about running the label Pure Trance (in addition to Solaris Recordings)?

Solarstone : Details soon!

EDM-News: You spend Pure Trance parties are more and more frequently. Have you received offers from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus for their conduct?

Solarstone : We are in talks with the promoters from around the world to hold parties Pure Trance, and of course, we were received offers of the above-mentioned countries. I know that love to the sound of Pure Trance wide in this region, and maybe soon I'll come to you.

EDM-News : Call for one of his favorite tracks from each disc compilation "Pure Trance 2".

Solarstone : Disc One such is Driftmoon "Howl At The Moon", and the second Alex Matteo "Prophecy".

EDM-News : What are the pure trance artists will shine in the next 12 months?

Solarstone : For me, those are Driftmoon, Colonial One, Winkee, John Mash, Elfsong and Aero 21. Some of the other artists already in favor, for example, Will Atkinson, he writes amazing things for several years now, and Walsh & McAuley, who seem to have found their sound.

EDM-News : Thanks for the replies!

Solarstone : Not at all!

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