Black Hole Recordings Spotify Update


We have some Spotify updates for you!

A few days ago we launched an official Tiësto playlist in our Spotify app. Make sure you don’t miss out and follow the playlist in our own Black Hole Recordings Spotify app. You can listen to the Tiësto playlist HERE.

More good news, the people at Spotify have featured the Tiësto playlist in their weekly newsletter. We’re of course very happy with that! Spotify has also expanded their territories, so people from Turkey, Argentina, Greece and Taiwan can also listen to all those millions of available tracks now.

As mentioned before, there is an official Black Hole Recordings Spotify app. If you follow the app in Spotify you get all updates on new releases on Black Hole and all our other labels. We always have a new album, single, playlist and label of the week, so it’s easy for you to discover new music.

This week’s album of the week is the 'Return of House compilation', which takes you back to the old days of house music. Robbie Rivera’s label Juicy Music is this week's label. Single of the week is 'Heart’s A Legend’, a tranquil deep house track by Zoo Brazil with the beautiful vocals of Philip. The Tiësto playlist is of course the playlist of this week.

So, what are you waiting for?
More great music is waiting for you in our SPOTIFY APP! 

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