Black Hole Recordings partners with Kryder’s Sosumi Records


We’re very excited to announce we recently welcomed Sosumi Records to Black Hole Distribution! Founded by British DJ/producer Kryder, Sosumi is known to be the world’s #1 free dance music label, giving the public game changing dance music at no cost.

The imprint enables fresh new talent to bring their ideas and visions to the masses without limitations. They give the artist the full creative freedom to create a dance floor smasher without the implications of royalties or lawsuits for sampling their favourite sounds and quotes. Add the promotional support one would usually get from the bigger record labels and you can imagine producers are in line to release on Sosumi!

You can imagine we think this is an amazing addition to Black Hole Distribution. It also means we will keep you up-to-date on all new Sosumi releases on our website and social media. Stay tuned! 

Visit the Sosumi label page HERE

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