Black Hole Recordings officially rereleases DJ Tiësto's "Space Age 1.0"


“Space Age 1.0”, released in 1998, was a new series in which DJ Tiësto focused on a slightly harder, more techno aimed style. Already highly successful with his trance mix compilations for the Magik series, Space Age offered an insight in the other side of Tiësto's versatility behind the turntables. "Space Age 1.0” finally sees its long awaited rerelease, for the first time in the digital domain.

This first release in the series sets the standard for what eventually became a total of five volumes. In a live turntable mix of almost 80 minutes, we get to enjoy DJ Tiësto in full swing, offering an energetic set of classic tech trance and techno in a high BPM with tracks full of enticing, percussive beat programming, stabbing synths and climactic breaks, clearly a step away from Tiësto's then current trance performances.

Scorching titles such as “Filter” by Jan Driver, “We All Need Love” by TNT presents Casa Royale, “Witchride” by Mikerobenics, “Guarantee” by 16C+, "Moving Mars" by Little Big Man, "Rack 19" by Lex and many others are all packed in an urging, wall to wall tech package. As with the Magik series, we also see DJ Tiësto’s own alias productions like “Flying Squirrel Problem” by Drumfire, "Gimme Some Sugar" by Tiësto, Montana and Storm and "Groovelounge" by Wild Bunch.

Tiësto aficionados will be happy to finally lay hands on this reissue. The digital download of “Space Age 1.0” comes in a complete package, featuring the original continuous DJ mix plus the full length, unmixed versions of all sixteen original tracks as used for the actual CD release. Most of these classics have in some cases only been issued on vinyl and nowadays change hands for large sums on auction sites like eBay, so this may be the first and only opportunity ever to finally own them all.

For the first time officially released in the digital domain, “Space Age 1.0” is finally available in all its audiophile brilliance, meticulously remastered and including all the original, unmixed tracks; an absolute vital rerelease for every Tiësto fan and collector!

The digital download is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 Store or the portal of your personal preference.

The CD release is still available on Fine Night

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