Black Hole presents "Indie Dance Electro Beats & More"


Electronic dance music is a multi-faced discipline. A lot of artists may have established their names in one particular style and sound, but fact is and remains that many produce so much more besides their known output. The new digital only compilation "Indie Dance Electro Beats & More" showcases a wide range of our artists, delivering world class electro, trap, chill out, deep house, indie dance, triphop and downtempo.

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The "Indie Dance Electro Beats & More" compilation presents a selection of fifteen magnificent cuts that all stand for a more alternative sound in comparison to today's known, chart-dominating tracks. Especially for those who are into music that steps away from the over commercialized and mass produced one hit wonders, this compilation will offer a nice bit of fresh air.

With styles that move from electro to trap, from chill out to deep house, from indie dance to triphop and downtempo, "Indie Dance Electro Beats & More" delivers 15 amazing dance tracks that all show a unique and in some cases completely other side of the artists involved. Position yourself in a comfortable seat and enjoy the sounds of Futurizm, Brett Gould, Zoo Brazil, Franky Nuts, Monobrother D, Andain, Moonbeam, Jelle Boon and many, many others.

01. Skreamin Colours featuring Scarlett Quinn - Nothing
02. Moonbeam feat. Aelyn - You Win Me (Wetdog Remix)
03. Andain - Much To Much
04. Zoo Brazil feat. Philip - Glass
05. Them&Us - Lose Control (Antoine Harispuru Remix)
06. Camp Yo! - The Wrong Pilot
07. Monobrother D - Lazy Jazz
08. Dunugoz Vs. Tha Roofas - Anita's Theme (Fremdkunst Reblend Long Version)
09. Sickflip & RT featuring Eskay- Tricky Trap
10. Futurizm - Breathe
11. Franky Nuts featuring Staf Eggermont - Shut Your Eyes
12. Jagged Hedz featuring Dave Vader - Dust (Relay & Front Remix)
13. Chanel Cochrane - Cult Music (Original)
14. Brett Gould - Pebbles (Kevin McKay Remix)
15. Jelle Boon - The End Is Near

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