Black Hole Distribution News: 3 Reasons to cooperate with other artists


Always thought of cooperating with other artists, but never actually did it?

Cooperating with other artists may sometimes not sound appealing, especially when the person you planned on working with is an early bird (and you aren’t). There are, however, a couple of reasons to join forces with a fellow musician. Here are 3 reasons for you to consider:

        1. Get inspired

Being able to work with another talented musician, can give you a boost in creativity. Seeing someone else producing music, might give you ideas on how to finish previous projects that you kind of already had given up on.

      2. Growing possibilities

It’s pretty straightforward; combine software, experience, connections of two persons and suddenly you see more possibilities for a successful production. That mate you wanted to work with suddenly turned out to know a perfect vocalist.

      3. Reaching a big fan base

If you produce music with other musicians, chances are high that they also have a fan base that can be reached. Whether it’s on social media or through performing your track together; fans of artist A will meet artist B and vice versa.

So don’t hesitate when a fellow artist contacts you for cooperation. In fact, try to approach one yourself and find out the possibilities that it offers

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